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Company History

IDX was founded in 1988 by James Halsey with the vision of bringing an optically encoded token and acceptor to market to eliminate counterfeiting and unwanted cross play of other tokens. IDX started its business in the carwash industry with the model MA711 optically encoded token acceptor for our 0.984″ injection molded polycarbonate prismatic facet tokens. For the first time, the car wash market had the ability to eliminate acceptance of tokens from other nearby establishments. The BigTime™ scrolling display timer, hinged door meter boxes, and the industries most durable vacuum timer were introduced soon thereafter. In 1997 IDX introduced the X10 multi-coin acceptor and X-Mark® optically encoded metal security token to the car wash industry. With this combination IDX is the only supplier that is able to stop cross play of unwanted tokens.

In 1997 IDX formally ventured into the casino gaming market by meeting with major OEMs and casinos to determine the specific requirements for coin acceptors and tokens for their industry, which resulted in the design and development of the model X-10 Xeptor™, and X-50 Xeptor plus the X-Mark optically encoded tokens. IDX selected and exclusively licensed Osborne Coinage as a partner to mint and manufacture the X-Mark tokens for use with the X-10 Xeptor and X50 Xeptor. The X-Mark security tokens and Xeptors quickly became the de facto standard means of eliminating counterfeits and cross-play after their 1998 formal market introduction. Today, it is mandated in both Nevada and New Jersey gaming regulations for the highest value tokens.

In 2005, IDX developed its RFID based Wickets® technology as an alternate non-contact payment system for use in the casino, carwash, and laundry markets. The TableTracker™ system for casino table games was developed to integrate Wicket Readers directly into the surface of the gaming table and provide communication between the table game and a remote account based gaming server to enable patrons to quickly credit or debit their gaming accounts electronically at the table. In 2007 our Stored Value Wicket technology was introduced for carwashes and laundries without central servers where a Wicket Reader on the equipment directly debits value from encrypted account memory on the Wicket card itself, and then produces ‘coin pulses’ to activate the equipment.

In 2011 company founder James Halsey retired to procure an entrepreneurial mentoring program with the end goal of increasing jobs in South Arkansas. He is currently working with a group of local business leaders, called Union County Investment Angels, LLC (UCIA) and the city of El Dorado, AR. The UCIA pairs the entrepreneur with an investor or investors so they can make the entrepreneur’s dream become a reality as well as bring jobs to South Arkansas.


The Following Are Trademarks Of IDX
 IDX, X-Mark, X-Metal, H-Mark, Xeptor, XactData
Wickets, Table-Tracker, X-Tracker, X-Key, Xaminer, Personality Plug
 PermaSwitch, Zolar, Foam Blower, Big Time Two Timer, Little Two Timer
 Jumbo Time, Lucky Time, Giga Time, Foam-I-Nator, Card Display Protocol, Asgard

IDX Technology Is Protected Under Patents:
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— Other Patents Pending —  

Credit Note: Animated IDX logo provided courtesy of John Burdett, slot tech and graphics artist extraordinaire of Ontario, CA.