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Convert To Cashless And Still Accept Coins!

Wickets™ Cashless Stored Value Payment System



Product Offering Summary

Cashless Stored Value

The Wickets System for the carwash market utilizes modern RFID (radio frequency identification) cards that are capable of securely storing value right on the card. It is the same as having bills in your wallet or change in your pocket. When a Wicket is presented to a Wicket Reader, value is debited from the secure memory on the Wicket to start a machine. When the value on the Wicket has been depleted, additional funds may be added back to the Wicket at a Revalue Station. Many advanced technical and marketing features have been designed into the Wickets System as outlined in the below System Features list. Further information on each feature is available through the links provided… click the paragraph titles or the pictures.

System Features

  • Promotion:  a.) corporate & gift cards,  b.) loyalty program,  c.) automatic bonusing,  d.) Jackpot.
  • Interfaces:  a.) coin pulse output,  b.) various machine serial protocols,  c.) vending machine MDB.
  • Security:  a.) site specific operation,  b.) encrypted card and reader handshake verification.
  • Operation Cost:  a.) nothing to jam,  b.) nothing to wear out,  c.) no cash box to attack or empty.
  • Installation Cost:  a.) no extra boxes,  b.) no central server wiring,  c.) eliminates other acceptors.
  • Revalue Station:  a.) accepts bills and credit cards,  b.) dispenses and revalues Wickets,  c.) tokens.

Wicket Reader WR88

The Wicket Reader is housed in a sealed ¾” threaded tubular body 2.1” long with a 1.1” diameter face. Reading range is approximately ½”. The cable has 4 wires to provide +5V power and either an RS-232 serial interface or coin pulse type interface. A Wicket is easily read by tapping the Wicket’s circle-W icon on the Reader’s face for a fraction of a second.

The normally blue illuminated face of the Reader changes to other colors to indicate the status of a transaction or the status of the equipment as shown in the graphic to the right. The exceedingly small footprint of this Reader allows it to be easily incorporated into most existing equipment without the need for additional external boxes.

Wicket Reader Interfaces

The Wicket Interface Boxes make the connection between the Wicket Reader, the operating equipment, and a power source.

Numerous Interface Boxes are available for compatibility with 12VDC, 24VAC, 120VAC and 240VAC sources of power, and for compatibility of the input/output signals for either an RS-232 serial port or for a “coin pulse” type output. In order to simplify field installations IDX has designed specific plug-compatible versions for popular brands of equipment.

Revalue Stations

All Revalue Stations include at least a bill validator, a Wicket dispenser for pre-valued Wickets, a Wicket Reader for re-valuing an existing Wicket, a display to indicate bill value accepted and balance of a read Wicket, and various lighted buttons to select various operational options.

All Revalue Stations may optionally include a receipt printer and a credit/debit card acceptor. One model further may optionally dispense tokens for use in the equipment, or as change as a result of a transaction selected.

Wickets Administrator

The Wickets Administrator PC based application provides for management of your Stored Value Wickets operation, including:

  • writing pre-set balances to Customer Wickets
  • doing refunds and redemptions for customers
  • enabling Service Wickets for your employees
  • creating Wickets for configuring Wicket Readers
  • collecting report information from equipment

Wickets Administrator can be freely downloaded and has an evaluation demo mode that allows you to try it out and see what facilities it provides prior to committing to a purchase of any equipment or site licenses. Once you are convinced that Stored Value Wickets are what you need, IDX sales will help you easily convert your installed software into a fully functional installation.


Wickets Turbo Accessories

Get your Wickets moving in the fast lane! Add these valuable functions with Wickets Turbo Accessories:

Wickets Jackpot: attracts patrons to you business to read their Wicket on the Jackpot Module reader for entry into an automated jackpot drawing you sponsor.

Registration-Redemption: Full registration of a Wicket entitles a patron to Birthday  Bonus Bucks and to be able to redeem accumulated loyalty points.

Mailing Manager: Allows you to sent print and send mail to selected groups of your registered customers.

Night Access:   Allows you to place a Wicket Reader at your entry door so that a registered customers can read in his Wicket, have it verified, and then have the magnetic lock or electric strike plate release the door for night access. You will know exactly who was there and when they were there, and remain open for business into the wee hours. 

Wickets Turbo Accessories can be freely downloaded and provides add-on functionality to your already installed Wickets system. Although there is no charge for the software and no additional site license fee, there is additional hardware necessary to implement these functions.