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The SCADAWash controller is designed to gather data from your wash equipment, vendors and changers when connected via a WT-RAM wireless module. Some of the information available from each machine is cash, starts, current cycle times, door lock system, out of service conditions, etc. From this data you will be able to generate custom reports using the SCADAWash software. All of the data can be accessed from the SCADAWash controller on-site or remotely if equipped via high-speed internet, cellular, or satellite. If set up you can receive alarm conditions that may arise sent to a cell phone or office computer.

The SCADAWash control system makes it easy to keep your coins and add a cashless element or convert to a totally cashless location. Now the owner can have his own store / customer RFID card using Wickets, Gift cards and/or accept credit cards on each machine or bay. Wickets add extra security via controlling door access for after hours washing, and access to the equipment room, or rest room. For the location offering an attendant, the employees do not require cash they simply use their assigned Wicket card to start a bay. The SCADAWash controller keeps track of usage on each Wicket card with a time & date stamp account balances and more.