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IDX has introduced the credit card solution for the future, Wickets-NTS™ with our wireless smart reader solution.  Wickets-NTS can be integrated into most every car wash, vending, and laundry piece of equipment with one of our wireless or wired interfaces.  IDX’s 3 way combo credit card reader- mag strip, contactless chip NFC and contact chip EMV, offers your customers choices of how they pay for services, mag strip credit card, NFC chip for cellphones using E-wallets and RFID Gift / Fleet / Store cards as well as the new EMV contact cards.  The Wickets-NTS reader is ready for the next generation of higher security contact credit cards currently used in the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico and other parts of the world.


Easy to install, even in the existing location, since no wires are required the Wickets – NTS card reader and WT-RAM are wireless connected between each device and the Wickets-NTS gateway. All signals are encrypted before transferring any data between the WT-RAM, Wickets-NTS Gateway and beyond. The Wickets-NTS gateway connects to the merchant provider via IDX’s wireless secure tunnel network using a Verizon data signal. Or the gateway is connected via static high-speed internet connection to the IDX cloud servers. The Wickets-NTS gateway forwards the credit card information to the correct merchant provider for each owner over the IDX secure tunnel server network on a Verizon secure data tunnel. The IDX’s cloud server network becomes the owner’s automatic backup for all your secure credit card transactions.

Wickets-NTS has several options to increase an operator’s bottom line. One option is to set up commercial accounts or sell prepaid discount wash package. This is accomplished with the Wicket RFID card solution. The owner can set up, manage, and update these and accounts for other customers at his web address on the Wicket-NTS web site. If an operator has more than one location he may want the Wicket Card to be used at only one or all site, he makes that decision. The operator can have an option so his customers can add value to their Wicket-NTS account with a credit card at the online website using their Wicket-NTS account number.

Wickets-NTS comes standard with our Loyalty Program where customers can earn “Wash Bucks” “FREE Vacuum Cycle” receive “Birthday Specials”, etc. when they use their Wicket-NTS card. Or setup pricing specials on slow days for credit card only users or if the owner has IDX display timers change all pricing for every one.

One other option for the gateway is SCADAWash™ controls and data acquisition. With SCADAWash the operator can remotely review his wash via his smart phone, computer, tablet to see cash amounts, collect service data, set up alarms, monitor chemical, and more. Also when connected to IDX display timers you will be able make changes to the messages and set up specials from any internet connection.