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Chase Controls Filter Commander

Universal, Reliable Gravity Filter Control System

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Filter Commander


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Chase Controls Filter Commander® is a simple, low cost, user friendly Gravity Filter Control System solution. Our systems include state of the art single or dual filter control consoles, connected with a straight forward Wired or Wireless Ethernet Valve Actuator controller and Device Sensor interface. Any Pneumatic, Electric or Hydraulic valve with Digital Pulse, Analog, or Modbus actuator, may be controlled.

The Filter Commander® system is completely scalable from a small 2 filter water treatment plant to a major facility with 50 or more filters.

The Chase Controls Filter Commander® control system eliminates or minimizes the complexity normally found in  traditional or older filter control systems. The touch-screen Operator Interface Terminal eliminates all physical control  switches, push buttons, pilot lights, and console wiring complexity normally associated with a filter control console.

The overall size of the Filter Commander® console is substantially smaller. Utilizing the simple Wired or Wireless Ethernet bus network to communicate to the Chase Controls RIO control module which connects to all of the valve actuators and devices / sensors such as level, flow, loss of head, and turbidity in the filter pipe gallery. This greatly reduces the amount of traditional PLC I/O and field terminations normally required in a filter control system.

Eliminating and minimizing all of the traditional complexity in older filter control system designs provides a much more reliable, trouble free, user friendly, filter control system. And can greatly reduce the cost of installation.

Filter consoles are provided in NEMA 4X Stainless Steel and corrosive resistant Polycarbonate or Fiberglass enclosures.

Filter Commander HMI graphic

Filter Commander® HMI graphic displays are easy to use, monitor and control each filter, either automatically or manually, as well as air scour, surface wash or backwash pump sub-systems.

Each HMI graphic display utilizes the power and automation technology of the embedded Chase Controls CC4000 series industrial programmable controller, is SCADA ready, and can be easily interfaced to most SCADA systems.